Fun workout

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Product length: 10 minutes

The video open with 4 girls (friends) who training for the next wrestling video. After about one minute, one girl asks if anyone would like try lift and carry and lifts her on shoulders like in the concert. And another girl accept to try. So they are up and the girl on top asks her to walk all around. After one minute or so, she proposes to other 2 girls to do the same and reach her up there, so the others 2 girls agree each others for who have to get on top. They are up also and they try for joke “chicken fight” then, they are stay up and simply enjoy the lifting for the video.

3 reviews for Fun workout

  1. Mary Burns

    Such a fun video, would love to see more lift and carry videos like this

  2. Katie Julos

    awesome videos, very nice to watch women lift and carry other women, would love to see more lift and carry videos like this?

  3. Tiffany Kino

    Excellent video, love how much fun the ladies are having by carrying each other. Love to see more videos with lifts and carries

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