Game style bare-knuckle fight

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A video game-style bare-knuckle fight between Lora and Luna, that takes place in a boxing ring. The match consists of 3 rounds total, with each round ending in a KO. Once a fighter’s health runs out, they become completely dizzy just like in the Mortal Kombat games. After a few seconds or so of the loser remaining in that dizzy state, it’s obvious that they’re unable to recover. So the winner finishes them off to end the round, and the loser is left flat on their back in a spread-eagle pose, totally out cold. The bell rings three times, and the winner blows their unconscious opponent a kiss. Then the next round will start.

1 review for Game style bare-knuckle fight

  1. JC

    I love this it’s sexy and I wish they fought in leggings and tube tops

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