Girls want salary raise. Part 1

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The female combatant is wearing a bikini. She throws a couple punches and kicks, but is quickly overpowered. A few minutes into the fight, her top is pulled off. She is topless for the remainder of the match.

t is a lift/carry and fighting custom with Ashley, Sonya, and Meghan vs Michael. The girls start off wearing some kind of tight t-shirt and booty shorts, but I want the girls to then perform a sexy strip tease and lap dance and strip into a bra and thong. They finish the strip tease/lap dance sitting on his lap, and he picks them up in his arms.

Ashley, Sonya, and Meghan will all have fights against Michael, but they will all lose. Michael will do a bunch of lifts on all of them. The lifts are the following: Overhead press, one armed lift, bear hug, hands on waist and lift into the air, arm carry, tossing over the shoulder.

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