Goofy Michelle

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Arrogant Michelle is a thief. She opens a door and steps inside.
As soon as her foot hits the floor, she’s suddenly in a bikini, barefoot, and her hair is in pigtails. Her face has no makeup. Her eyes go wide with shock and she’s very embarrassed. Then she is angry. She looks around and knows she is being watched. She talks directly to camera, being arrogant and smug, but as she talks she starts to feel a TICKLING sensation on her feet. She looks very, very shocked and tries not to giggle. She slowly lifts her foot and twists it around as it is tickled. Then the other foot.

Michelle tries to hold in her laughter but she starts to giggle and coo as she talks. She giggles more and more and then laughs and laughs. She sits on a table with her bare feet dangling and laughs and laughs as the tickling continues. She begs for it to stop. It stops and she sighs with great relief. Her eyes are crossed and she has a stupid grin on her face. She stands and threatens her tormentor some more. But as she does she is hit with a ray that begins to hypnotize her. Michelle is going under, but she fights it, but it’s no use. We see her face and attitude get dumber and dumber and dumber until she is totally goofy, cross-eyed and ready for commands. “Yes, Master!” she says like a goofball.

She stands on one leg and yodels. Then she stands on the other leg and yodels. She dances around the room, she shakes and shimmies her breasts and butt and shows off her body.
She suddenly snaps out of her trance. Now she is afraid. She hides under the table. She’s on her hands and knees. She looks around, afraid. But now she is confident that she is hidden. But suddenly she feels a poke on her butt. Ow! She looks confused. Ow! Another poke. Ow! Then another. She shakes it off. But then she feels a very painful poke and she screams and gets up and runs around the room, holding her butt. “YEEEEEEEEEEEOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!” She sits in a bucket of water. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Suddenly the pain stops and she sighs, cross-eyed and goofy. She looks to her offscreen tormentor and puts up her fists. Before she can throw a punch she feels a BONK on her head. It makes her completely goofy and dizzy and silly. She sings and talks gobberish. As she talks she starts to feel tickled all over her body, head to toe. It makes her crazy with laughter and she begs for it to stop. She feels another BONK on her head and now she’s dizzy and goofy. She smiles and says ‘Good night, Master.” She falls to her knees and then falls backwards. She is sitting on the floor, against the wall, and her bare soles are facing the camera.


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