Head of Russia Special Forces Irma. Part 2

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Sonya (played by Irma) is in the hideout. Her budy is suspended and tortured. Throughout this scene there will be intense face grab where they grab Sonya’s face and sometimes they pull it up real close and while holding onto it for long periods of time when talking to her. Most of the time they are either doing this or putting their 2 hands around her face and squeezing it intensely. Thy also punch, break her toes anf shock her with a tazer.

Sequel to https://lady2fight.com/product/lunas-agonizing-torture/

1 review for Head of Russia Special Forces Irma. Part 2

  1. mav6666_1

    Irma does a great job using her athletic body to act out this long suspended AOH torture scene (belly punches, face punches) and looks great in her leather outfit. Her reactions start out muted, maybe because it’s her first torture scene, but get better as the clip progresses, especially the ending tasers scene. Can’t wait to see her in more clips!

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