Her last transaction (Bad news for Elena)

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Elena is worried about her next transaction. The boss recruited her by the dark net. She must deliver him a USB key. But he wants to see her in person and pay her in cash. It’s weird. But she needs the money from the hacking she did for him. Her “normal” job is not enough to cover her needs and those of her children. Her husband abandonned them to follow an other woman many miles away. She finally takes her hand bag and leaves her home. Arriving at her boss place, in a very hidden place, Bryan checks if she has no phone nor micro with a gun pointed at her guts. Then, the transaction goes normally. But, at the moment to leave the place with her money, Bryan pulls out the gun and points it again, at her stomach. He looks determined to shoot in her belly. Elena tries to change his mind. But Bryan seems to have planned to liquidate her before even recruiting her.


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