Immerse into desire

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Five minute scenarios that are still rimarily based around low blows, and not effecting women or only having a pain response of 0-3 out of 10 for women and 8-10 for men.

1 review for Immerse into desire

  1. samualsknight

    In this fantasy-driven storyline, each character imagines what they would like to do to the others. Eric starts by fantasizing what he would like to do with Lora. Lora quickly changes from a sophisticated therapist into a spandex bikini. O.k. stop right here… WOW!! As I was saying, she reverses her unsuspecting client’s dream into a lesson in humility. Sonya also applies her dominating tendencies into reality. Both women have the ability to resist any offensive moves by Eric but they enjoy participating in his fruitless efforts. Several wardrobe changes makes this video worth everything you could want in a female domination video. One of my favorites!

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