In man’s pleasure is his weakness

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After Dr. Ashley Steel worked as a medical assistant in an underground combat lair and the police closing the place, she was interested to know about The Hangman, that man who had defeated a lot of strong men and had left them on the verge of death. Dr. Ashely knew about the new place where she might find him but in that place women aren’t accepted, she decides to go there and eliminate anyone on her way. When Dr. Ashley gets to see The Hangman, she stays to fascinate by him, while The Hangman falls in love with her. The Hangman’s coach gets angry because of Dr. Ashley Steel who takes The Hangman off to her apartment, interrupting his training. Dr. Ashely Steel uses her female sensuality to seduce him, drug him, and traps him when The Hangman’s coach finds them; he tries to kill Dr. Ashley, but she wasn’t a simple woman, she was a powerful woman who easily kills him. The Hangman now is going to have a wife, female coach, and manager who will handle all his fights and all his money.

2 reviews for In man’s pleasure is his weakness

  1. Marcos

    “In man’s pleasure is his weakness” Oh yeah, with the gorgeous Ashely, what man could resist her…? I love the red color. When I had thought about this video, I wanted a new female face, so I asked Lora about Ashely, now I can say Ashely did wonderful work. This one is an of my hard scripts but Lora’s team worked it fantastic. I never thought that I might be bringing one part from “The hangman’s story” to a real video, but Lora and her team did it…! Lora…♥ Thank you very much for this awesome work.

  2. Ian

    Looks great Marcus, any low blows in it.

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