Irresistible Ashley in the ring

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It’s a 12 minutes long boxing fight divided into 3 rounds of 4 minutes each. Ashley does all the punching, Julia doesn’t throw a single punch. But Julia always keeps her dukes up, she never loses her fighting stance and fight readiness. All punches are facepunches, not a single belly punch in the fight. Most of the punches are left and right hooks and jabs, with some uppercuts as well. All rounds have a moment where Julia is pinned against the ropes and takes a hard long beating.

1 review for Irresistible Ashley in the ring

  1. Carlos

    Hello. This is my custom and i am very happy with it.
    First of all i’d like to thank the LadyFight team who produced the vide, and in partocular the two amazing performers Ashley and Julia. This is the first time Ashley performed in a custom of mine and i am very pleased with her. Julia is by now a 3 times veteran of my customs and once again she performed admirably.
    I ordered a true Fem/Fight video, because they are my favorite. I call true Fem/Fight to where it’s depicted an actual fight with lots of punches to the face. I hope there are more out there who appreciate this kind of Fem/Fight videos, as i order this videos for my own pleasure but also for all others who also enjoy them but can’t afford to order a custom video because of our currently trying times.
    I hope you have as much fun with this video as i do.

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