Karate Sisters vs Dragon Brothers. Part 2

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Michelle and Ashley are the Karate Sisters, out for revenge. Their father and three brothers faced the fearsome Dragon Brothers in a no rules martial arts tournament a few years ago. The Dragon Brothers (made up of Max, Kevin, Otto, Uncle Sam and Michael), showed no mercy and killed their father and brothers one by one in an execution style. They lined them up on the wall and choked them out until they puked up blood and died. As if that was not enough, the Dragon Brothers piled up the dead bodies and posed on them. The poor girls now have no father and no brothers. They have been training for the past few years to challenge the Dragon Brothers and get their revenge. The rules are set, this will be a martial arts competition to the death. It will consist of individual hand to hand combat, and the losers will be executed with a sword. The fight is being televised around the world, with everyone tuning in to see if the sisters will have their revenge. The video starts as the girls are in the room, waiting for their opponents to arrive. The girls chat as they stretch in their high heels. They each pick who they will focus on defeating in the fight. They agree to save Max for last and both kill him, given that he killed their youngest brother who was only 18 in the last tournament. They will make sure to completely humiliate Max and give him the most agonizing death.

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  1. nando12

    excellent please more chapters

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