Karina and Lora tickle Michelle’s feet

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Michelle plays the guard of the prison. Karina and Lora are her prisoners. Michelle inspects their shoes and their feet.
Karina is upset about the search but Michelle threatens Karina with her baton and she makes it clear that she is the boss here. Then both girls are quiet and comply. First Michelle removes Lora’s boots and socks. Michelle needs both hands so she lays her baton on the ground. Then Karina lifts up one of her legs to Michelle and Michelle takes off her boot and her sock.
Then she does the same with Karina’s second leg. Karina is still upset and taunts Michelle. As Karina is barefoot and Michelle inspects the second sock, Karina uses the moment when Michelle is distracted and she quickly grabs the baton on the ground.
Michelle is too slow and Karina is able to hit Michelle’s leg and she falls to the ground. Karina and Lora quickly start to attack Michelle. The three girls fight fiercely and Michelle tries hard to defend herself but she has no chance against the two skilled fighters and Michelle is knocked out.
Lora and Karina are really proud about their victory. Both mock Michelle and they search her thoroughly for anything useful.
Both girls won’t simply leave – they want payback.
The most important details are the boot/sock removing / tickling and barefoot scenes.


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