Karina is back

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Karina is back. She kicks the ass everyone who gets in her way. Don’t get in her way. She shows you her fighting skills.

4 reviews for Karina is back

  1. ArtJMack

    Karina is back! This puts Lady2Fight head and shoulders above all other producers. They have the best camara guys. The best stunt guys and now they have the best girls that fight martial arts. What a great addition. Just awesome to see Karina come back and kick butt!

  2. Polar Bear

    I’m so glad to see Karina is back. She is by far the Russia’s best and most intense female fighter on the internet. Can’t wait to see more films with her.…..she’s fantastic.

  3. fery hunter

    where is julia why she’s not back?

  4. Friend3525

    Very happy Karina is back. She is one of my favorites. Loved her assassin videos where she breaks necks!

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