Lady Dragon Lora – Game of Death. Part 2

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All the fight scenes one sided with Lora dominating her larger male opponents.
Lora’s character also has superhuman ninja like strength and periodically, using either one or both arms to grab her male opponents by the throat or shirt and forcefully lift, drag or push them into walls or hold their shirt with one hand while you repeatedly punch them in the face.

Lady Dragon Lora – Game of Death. Part 1

1 review for Lady Dragon Lora – Game of Death. Part 2

  1. Polar Bear

    Lora is a veritable one woman army who uses her wonderful body and a variety of deadly weapons to single handedly destroy over a dozen men. Lora looks absolutely stunning in black and yellow giving a real ‘Kill Bill’ vibe that she effortlessly backs up with a brutal display of martial arts. I particularly enjoyed how well the scenes with Lora using weapons turned out (samurai sword, ninja throwing stars & nunchucks). A big thank you to Lora and the team for making my custom.

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