Lift and carry challenges

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Lora and Luna have a lift and carry challenge on the beam. They start by having them on the beam and balance on their tiptoes as long as possible. Then they both on the beam balance on one foot as long as possible. Then have them both on the beam and try to push each other off a couple of times. Then they perform different lifts on the beam as long as they can.

3 reviews for Lift and carry challenges

  1. Mary Burns

    Awesome, just awesome. Thank you for letting my 2022 start off great with a wonderful lift and carry video. Love to see more lift and carry videos

  2. Katie Julos

    Amazing, lovely lifts and carries, looking to seeing more lifts and carries video from this site

  3. Cindy Taine

    Great video, love to see more lift and carry video like this

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