Lift and Carry. Lora, Ashley and Luna

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Lora and Ashley are two sexy lap dancers. The two dancers dance in a sensual way. While they dance, another dancer Luna arrives. Lora and Ashley demand Luna to leave, because they are the best dancers. Luna is very angry and, now, she wants to prove who is the best. She lifts Lora and Ashley in various ways. The two girls ask to be put down, but Luna is increasingly angry and keep lifting Lora and Ashley up, humiliating them. After several lift and carry Luna leaves.
Lora and Ashley remain on the ground, struck by Luna’s strength.

3 reviews for Lift and Carry. Lora, Ashley and Luna

  1. Katie Julos

    awesome video, love the various lift and carries performed by Luna

  2. Cindy Taine

    really enjoy watching this video because I really love seeing woman lift and carry woman

  3. Tiffany Kino

    very nice video, love to see more videos of woman lifting and carrying woman in the future

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