Lora and Luna lift and carry fantasy

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Sexy nurse Lora has to give to Luna boyfriend an injection and she is waiting for him come back home. But Luna come before him and find the sexy nurse in his house. Luna get quickly angry and ask for explanations, Luna undresses and stay in tiny thong bikini, Luna show is toned body and muscle to Lora that is unimpressd (smiling), angry Luna attack Lora with a bearhug but Lora break the bearhug and push Luna away. Lora undresses and stay in tiny thong bikini and show is sexy and toned body. Girls start to fight but is clear that Lora is much skilled and submit Luna that stay on the ground, Lora, while smiling, help to stand up Luna lifting her in cradle carry. Luna is surprised by Lora’s strenght and try to run away but Lora catch Luna and lift her in fireman’s carry, then start a wild airplane spin, during the spin Lora is smiling. Lora leave stunned Luna that goes to the ground, Lora apply a strong head scissor to Luna that faint. Lora stand up and make a victory pose over Luna. Then Lora, as good nurse, help Luna to wake up but only to lift her again in fireman’s carry and start a stunning airplane spin, then Lora exit scene with stunned Luna over her shoulders.

3 reviews for Lora and Luna lift and carry fantasy

  1. stukas73

    Simply amazing!!

  2. Cindy Taine

    Absolutely nice to see Luna be the liftee and get dominated by Lora, Lora is fantastic as the lifter. Looking forward to future videos with lift and carry in them

  3. Tiffany Kino

    Excellent lift and carry video, Lora is awesome at carrying Luna, pleasantly surprised to see Luna get carried, love to see more lift & carry videos in the near future

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