Lora. Attack the clones. Part 2

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It is a sequel to Lora – Attack the Clones. Lora again plays the part of the clone and it has a similar setup with four clones all in different sexy outfits getting beaten and killed.

Lora. Attack the clones

1 review for Lora. Attack the clones. Part 2

  1. Mantower

    This was my custom video and the team at L2F knocked it out of the park again! Amazing work, Lora as always is unbelievably hot and does a great job in fight action and in the role of jobber. Her body control when in different wrestling holds, her vocalization of pain and her reactions to punches and kicks are all simply top notch, without contest one of the best peril actresses out there. The guys did a great job with some demanding wrestling holds, but Lora as always steals the show. Maybe a third installment in the clone series in the future 🙂

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