Lora – Barefoot Super-agent

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Lora is an invincible barefoot karate expert – a sadistic secret agent who enjoys destroying men with her bare feet. Her look is soft and sexy and clean. She is confident and arrogant but not severe. She really enjoys her work, her karate moves are effortless, swift, accurate and powerful. She doesn’t put too much effort into her moves. She is almost supernatural. The enemy knows about her and wants to eliminate her, but they don’t stand a chance.

2 reviews for Lora – Barefoot Super-agent

  1. Huey

    Wonderful video, wonderful theme. Too bad Lora doesnt use foot smother to end one of the thugs.

  2. kicked72

    This awesome! It’s so great to watch Lora defeat, humiliate and torture men with her bare feet!

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