Lora Carter of Montoya. Executrix

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Today I returned home after a nice shopping day and my loyal butler Boris was waiting for me to give me the news that 2 nasty men were trying to enter my home, Boris get trapped them and take both men to my room and he did prepare them for me as I like, so I decided to go to have a little fun and beat these men up before snapping their necks, but Boris did some interesting, he puts a man over a stretcher and the other was kneeling next to him so he might be watching what I will do with his buddy before him.

1 review for Lora Carter of Montoya. Executrix

  1. Marcos

    Something very interesting about this video is the plot, where the character “Lora Carter of Montoya” played by Lora shows all her strength and power while she looks lovely doing it. This was only a scene from the full story.
    I love working with Lora because she enters and lives her character, in this video Lora destroy 2 men using a lot of her deadly karate strikes, I loved when Lora beat the man up, those look almost real, very nice face expression…!♥♥
    ♥Lora♥ thanks so much for this great video, I loved it, you always will be my preference actress…!♥♥
    Lora Carter of Montoya has a lot of stories and I’m happy to count on you to bring them to real video….!♥

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