Lora dominates Ethan

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Product length: 11 minutes

Lora humiliates Ethan with bearhugs, torture racks, Canadian backbreakers! There are lots of lifting submissions.. Lora also throws him over her shoulder and walks around mocking him! Lora dominates and lifts him the whole time. She carries him out like a trophy at the end and makes him scream and cry while she mocks him and calls him small and weak over and over!


4 reviews for Lora dominates Ethan

  1. tws

    Wow!! Amazing clip from Lora, she carries and throws him around as if he nothing. Lora is incredible, there is no escape from her. More please. 5++

  2. Cindy Taine

    It is very nice to see another lift and carry video, it is also awesome to see a woman lift and carry a man. Love to see more lift and carry video in the future

  3. Tiffany Kino

    Great video, love the various lifts and carries, hope there will be more videos with lifts and carries in the future

  4. Pepe

    Fantastic video, she is so hot and powerful, I would love to see a video of Lora lifting a man the same as this video with her wearing sexy high heels and sexy short skirt, more please !!

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