Lora eliminates Luna’s husband

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Lora is an assassin and she has her rival Luna’s husband tied up. The video is a recorded message that Lora sends to her. She tells Luna that she will destroy her husband and break him over and over. She unties him and begins to beat him up with kicks, punches, elbows. After a little bit Lora begins to break his bones.

2 reviews for Lora eliminates Luna’s husband

  1. Anonymous

    The action is good. Love how Lora tortures Bryan, especially the all those bone breakings. Bryan also suffers beautifully. But the camera work is just poor. Through out the whole video, the camera was zoomed out so much, it really degrades the viewing pleasure. Also try to shoot from more angles, for example, the finishing move when the victim dies, it would be nice to also see the victim’s reaction when his neck was snapped.

  2. tws

    A great one sided intense beatdown from a sadistic Lora, nice kicks and punches, followed by bone breaking which Lora really enjoys.

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