Lora fights till the end

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Custom clip request.

Product length: 16 minutes

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It is a non-stop fist fight between Luna and Lora, with Luna giving Lora a one-sided beatdown, and Lora throwing punches but never hitting a single one on Luna.

5 reviews for Lora fights till the end

  1. Carlos

    Hello. I’m the customer who ordered this custom. I am extremely happy with the results. Team Lora did a great job. When i think of Fem/Fem Fights, i do not think of wrestlings or toe stompings but of non-stop brawls, with grils going at each other in no-holds barred fistfights.
    The beautiful Lora and the beautiful Luna delivered exactly what i wanted and more. Their dedication to the female fight craft is second to none.
    The team behind the camera also deserves praise for a very well shot and well executed editing.
    I hope others find this video as enjoyable as i have and inspire the production and ordering of customs with fights like this. Lora and Luna are fantastic at delivering such fistfights and it’s a waste to see them not used as much like this. Lora in particular is a genious in selling being hit by hard strikes.
    This will not be my last custom from Lady Fight, that’s for sure.
    Thank you and enjoy.

  2. shbeater

    Would have bought this, but much prefer to see female fighters in skirts, so much more sexy. If they’d been wearing the tartan and leather mini skirts this would have been amazing and got my money. Maybe, one day..

  3. aflowwer@gmail.com


    being a fan both of bare-feet-focused fights (that you somehow mentioned “criticizing toe stomping”) and realistic-fights, I bought this title, after having read your comment.

    Well, without any polemic purpose, I can say that your “perfect fight” is not more realistic than a toes-stomping-based one … if it’s not even LESS realistic.

    No human being can take hundreds and hundreds of blows in his (her) face without showing any reaction or damage but some blood. Nobody goes down on his (her) knees, completely powerless for having been brutalized in head, and, taunted, answers “I don’t give up” THEN JUMPS on her feet re-starting from the beginning (that’s … taking more blows on her face, again) like nothing happened.

    I repeat it: there’s no polemic intent in this comment. I simply like exchanging opinions in forums like this one. And I think that an example of “girls going at each, in no-holds barred fistfights” (your words) is a pretty good idea (especially if they’re barefoot, in my tastes 🙂 ), but some more “balance between received blows and suffered damage” could make it even better.

  4. Carlos

    I truly appreciate and heartly welcome your coment, i really like to read other people’s opinions, that’s very cool. So, thank you so much for sharing your thoughs.
    Well, this Fem Fights things are not supposed to be realistic, and that’s the fun of it. I view them as a sort of dance, a ballet of violence, of whch both Luna and Lora excel at.
    I made some concessions at “realism” so to speak with the blood, but that’s as far i think i can go in the line between aestetic blooded and too close to realism for comfort.
    The fact this is about two girls, one girl beating another, for me mitigates the violence and instead of violence it becomes poetry in motion.
    Of course nobody would survive taking such a beating, but that’s not the point. The point is the movements, to dance-like choreography, the dedication and craft the girls bring, and because it’s really sexy to see such prolongued no-holds bared, no-stop fighting.
    I view their performances as if a well choreographed dance, and as such, it’s pretty artistic.
    Some miogt have toe-stomping as their fetish, but i find it to be quite a cruel fetish. I am sensible about my toes and i can’t enjoy seeing toe hurt, it’s too close to home. And i find belly punching utterly boring.
    But girls going at each other facepunching non-stop, with their hair flowing about if they have long hair like Luna and the poses the two girls strike while dishing out and taking punches, showing their chizeled muscled bodies, that’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

    PS: Two stars was a bit too low all things considered of what you wrote, don’t you think?

  5. Anonymous

    When will these to fight barefeet in gi both of them I don’t have money for a custom but I see people mention they want the same thing if you guys make the video of death island 3 should definitely have these 2 in gi

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