Lora holds out until the end

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Lora has completed a mission, comes home and begins to change out of her dress, when a hooded masked person in an all black suit puts their hand over her mouth and puts a needle in her neck, making Lora unconscious. After that Lora is tortured by the fllowing ways: Hands and Feet Tied Rack Stretch, Hands and Feet Tied Backbend Bondage over a bench, Arms Overhead Head Suspension (Feet Off Ground), Ice Cube on abs Torture during stretching.

1 review for Lora holds out until the end

  1. mav6666_1

    Another acting/stunt torture masterpiece by Lora! Her scantily clad lithe body holds up to multiple bondage positions-suspended AOH off the ground by the wrists, stretched horizontal on a rack, and bent over backwards with her back strained while her arms and legs are chained. All the while receiving blows from bellypunches, bats/batons, and getting tasered. Is there any torture Lora can’t withstand and look great all the while?

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