Lora holds out until the end

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Lora has completed a mission, comes home and begins to change out of her dress, when a hooded masked person in an all black suit puts their hand over her mouth and puts a needle in her neck, making Lora unconscious. After that Lora is tortured by the fllowing ways: Hands and Feet Tied Rack Stretch, Hands and Feet Tied Backbend Bondage over a bench, Arms Overhead Head Suspension (Feet Off Ground), Ice Cube on abs Torture during stretching.

5 reviews for Lora holds out until the end

  1. mav6666_1

    Another acting/stunt torture masterpiece by Lora! Her scantily clad lithe body holds up to multiple bondage positions-suspended AOH off the ground by the wrists, stretched horizontal on a rack, and bent over backwards with her back strained while her arms and legs are chained. All the while receiving blows from bellypunches, bats/batons, and getting tasered. Is there any torture Lora can’t withstand and look great all the while?

  2. Kristina

    Amazing video! The girl held on to the end… I’ve watched it twice Lora is great!
    After the ice torture, it would not be bad to take a whip… but even without this, everything turned out perfectly ! thank you!

  3. Bellypunch3d

    Fantastic video! Bellypunching was amazing! And loved seeing Lora getting stretched on the rack and the use of the baton. Highly recommended!

  4. Ed

    More stretching on the rack please Outstanding!


    super video

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