Lora interrogates men

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Custom clip request.

Product length: 19 minutes

It is very similar to Lora Steps Over men except with two added scenes making a total of five.
Scene 1 (added) sees Lora lighting a cigarette and enjoying a glass of wine while checking hair and make-up in a mirror, taking out the gun, checking the clip is loaded, chambering a round and then attaching the silencer. Then slipping on the fur coat and leaving to make her mission.
Scene 2 is very similar to scene 1 of Lora Steps Over Men except keep wearing the fur and she exits only.
Scene 3 (added) Lora enters the next room where one guy is interrogating a second who is bound to a chair. She shoots the interrogator in both knee caps. He falls to the ground and tries to drag himself to the door. Lora slowly catches up to him, letting him hear the clicking of her stiletto heels getting closer and closer. When she catches him she pins him down under her foot and then she shoots him three times in the head. She then turns her attention to the bound man, torture him by shooting him in his kneecaps until he confesses he gave the male gang the secret info, then shoots him in the balls. Then executes him with a bullet in the back of his head.
Scene 4 is similar to scene 2 of Lora Steps Over Men except keep wearing the fur and she exits only.
Scene 5 is similar to scene 3 of Lora Steps Over Men except she starts by taking off the fur and putting down the gun, then she beats him to a pulp, puts the fur back on, light a cigarette, picks up the gun and executes him.

Lora interrogates men. Part 2

2 reviews for Lora interrogates men

  1. tws

    Lora looks great in fur coat as always.

  2. captaintj

    Lora is so sexy when she is being evil with a gun. This was great. Going to have to request another custom soon. Is there an English language version of the site to buy outfits for her?

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