Lora is over the head

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Lora is sneaking into a house to break into the safe to steal jewelry. She sneaks into a dimly lit room and looks around. Suddenly the lights come on, startling her. Lora looks across the room and Eric is standing there. Eric then lifts her over his head face down in a gorilla press. She’s pissed at him and screams and curses at him telling him to put her down, kicking her legs a bit. Eric just laughs and taunts her then he stands in place and spins her around.

1 review for Lora is over the head

  1. Tobias

    This was my custom. It was perfect. Lora and Eric did everything just right. I couldn’t be happier! I liked it so much I want to do a sequel. Haha. Once again, excellent work!

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