Lora is trapped by 10 guys

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Evereybody knows how strong Lora is, but she is overwhelmed by 10 men.

4 reviews for Lora is trapped by 10 guys


    a 10 star video, not 5. Make more like it and you’ll always get my money. Lora is very good and sexy, the best actress in this type of video, keep it up! I would like to see another similar one, however, tied to table instead of the floor…

  2. forma@mail.ru

    Lora lost again – it is a shame! I am very disappointed

  3. Absstar

    Very good! I really liked this one! Love this idea of having a lot of villains holding heroine and getting pummeled!

  4. Ben

    Wish Lora could beat them all up in a one sided fight against even more men!

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