Lora makes problems

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Custom clip request.

Product length: 23 minutes

Lora and her boyfriend enter the room and ask them to step aside to let them in.
Son tell them take other way to in , lora boy friend accepted to don’t make problems but lora with her coldness and narcissism don’t accept it and tell them move or i will put your phono in your dad ass , son very angry and removed his T-shirt to show his muscles and threaten to hit them, lora smile and remove her jacket she look so sexy, her boyfriend try to stop her but she hug him and kiss him and tell him don’t worry I will handle it.

3 reviews for Lora makes problems

  1. tws

    Great moves from Lora, don’t mess with her, she will humiliate her victims.

  2. balls4loraboots

    To me, Lora is like Loki; Sexy goddess of mischief. In this clip she brutally beats down a dad and son whilst seducing and manipulating her boyfriend to accept and watch with the occasional kiss. Beautiful kicks

  3. balls4loraboots

    Lora was the best from day 1 at heels4kicks

    She’s only gotten sexier and better at her craft.
    My balls are still 4 your boots boss

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