Lora vs Ashley on the boxing ring

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The fight is a total one-sided beatdown: Lora receives all the punches. Lora doesn’t even thrown a single punch. Lora receives all punches and doesn’t give or throw a single one.
Despite being a brutal one sided beating, Lora only grunts from the impacts but she never once cries in fear or shouts in pain

1 review for Lora vs Ashley on the boxing ring

  1. Carlos

    Hello there. This video is my custom and i’m super-happy for how it turned out.Great performances by Lora and Ashley. I have a great foundness for Lora playing the jobber, something she does admirably. Thank you so much, Lora and your team for making another great custom vuideo for me. I hope others enjoy it as much as i do. Be well all of you.

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