Lora vs champion

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Video start with muscles man with another weak man in location doing interview. the weak man is interviewer with a microphone in his hand and the muscles is the champion and talking about his power how he win the champion very easy , the interviewer tell him about lora and how she didn’t lose any match before. The muscled is angry and tell lora just a girl. When Lora comes they start to fight. Lora takes the control so easy and the champion try to do something but he can’t.

2 reviews for Lora vs champion

  1. balls4loraboots

    Lora dances seductively for our viewing pleasure after knocking down the champion.
    Never a dull moment, especially when she’s celebrated with one sided combat supremacy. Love Lora’s boot across his crotch for the 3 count. One boot pinning the Champ. She crosses the T with her boot, win by a cock pin. Love it

  2. Sam

    Fantastic video from start to finish. Lora taunts the champion AND the viewer with her victory dances. If you didn’t have weak knees before watching this video… you will now.
    Love the boots!

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