Lora vs Julia on the boxing ring

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Two rivals who each think themselves to be the best fighter in the local fight scene decide to settle their differences by fight it out. They agree on two fights, each ending when one of the girls is KO:
1st Fight – A bare fist fight, with no rules other than no crotch/low strikes.
2nd Fight – A boxing match of 3 rounds, the first two rounds last 3 minutes and the last round lasts until one of KO’ed.

1 review for Lora vs Julia on the boxing ring

  1. Carlos

    Hello. I am the customer who ordered this custom. I asked for this full on Fem Fight video and Lora delivered a great one. This is my second custom and again i am very pleased with the results. I’ll ask for more in the future, that’s for sure.
    This asked for this video custom due to my love for pure no-holds barred Fem Fights and i hope all others who love Fem Fights enjoy it as well.
    Lora and Julia are great in this video, they delivered a great fight, and i’m sure i’ll want them again in a future custom.

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