Lora vs violent outlaw gang

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Lora walks through the area but she is stopped by Betty. Lora stops and she looks behind her and Michelle stands behind her.
Betty tells Lora that she entered the gang territory and now she and Michelle threaten her and demand her valuables.
Lora remains calm and tells Betty that they can leave or they will be sorry.
Betty laughs and Michelle hits Lora from behind with her baton. Lora falls to the ground. She isn’t knocked out but she is dizzy.
Michelle quickly takes Lora’s bag and she orders Betty to take everything from her. Betty laughs and decides that they will undress Lora. They start to discuss who will take what. Michelle takes Lora’s bag. Betty wants Lora’s boots and socks and starts to open the laces of Lora’s boots.
But Lora quickly wakes up and she starts to fight both attackers.
Betty and Michelle try to hit Lora with their batons but Lora defends herself. She manages to take the baton from Betty and she knocks Betty out.
Michelle is quite surprised about Lora’s skills and Lora quickly knocks out Michelle too.
Now both attackers lie knocked out on the ground.
Lora is relieved and decides to take revenge on the attackers. She quickly takes off Michelle’s boots and socks. Then she also takes off Betty’s boots and socks and she laughs about the defeated opponents. She puts the boots and socks in her bag and she decides to take all valuables from Betty and Michelle.
The scene fades out.
Then in the final scene Lora is shown. She is happy about her victory and Michelle and Betty are shown on the ground on top of each other. They both wear only their underwear after Lora stripped them as a sign of their defeat.
Lora walks away proudly and the attackers lie on the ground defeated.


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