Lora’s claws

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Custom clip request

Product length: 12 minutes

The scene will start with a view from a high angle looking down the alley. A soldier in front of a building standing watch. He will get a call and then enter the building and she will comment that she found the perfect victim. The next scene will show her entering the scene crawling. The soldier will be at the end of the hall and she will then see a backside view of her rising up to the point where we can now just see her backside looking at the enemy. The camera will show her hands are balled up as she is telling the soldier he is unfortunately her victim and that she needs to do this to get someone’s attention. We will then see her pop her claws. The soldier will say it is weird. She doesn’t have her whip but she will let him know she is someone different and that he should be concerned for his life. He will laugh and then put his gun down thinking she is not a threat and instead pull out his knife. He will then approach her and try to stab her but she will evade it and then kick him. She will continue kicking, kneeing him and scratching at parts of his arms and legs till he stumbling backward and then she will dig her claw on her right hand deep in his gut before ripping it out causing him to fall on his back. She will climb on his chest pinning down his arms with her claws. She will then purr in his ears and let him know she is having fun. She will then lick across his face before slashing at each side of his face with her claws only enough to hurt him but not kill him yet. He will be in pain but see his chance to push her off him and rise to his feet more in anger than ever with claw marks on both sides of his face. She will be crowtched like a cat and meow at him and admire the damage she has done before rising back to a stand up position popping out her claws again. He will then try to attack again but this time he will be tired from the pain. She will dodge the first punch and knee him in already hurt stomach. She will then dodge his next attack and give a sharp kick to his face. She will then rack her claws against his chest making him wince in pain. While his stumbling she will sneak behind him and crowtch like a cat before hissing and digging her claws into his legs making him fall. He will try to crawl away but she will crawl after him like elana and then dig her claws into his legs forcing him to stop but close to his knife. She will get up and dig her claws into his side and then flip him on his backside.When she flips him on his back he will grab his knife and try to stab her but she will then dig her heel into his hand and crouch down bring her claws up to his face. He will beg for his life but she will let him know that she wants to get Elena attention. after she will slide down his body so that she is sitting just above his waist. She will then raise her claws and then finish the soldier off finished her off. She will then crawl off him and admire her claws delighted at the idea of using them. She will then crawl off the scene while we see another camera that was looking at the whole scene.


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