Lora’s New Slave. Part 1

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Scene One (6 min)

Lora returns home from shopping and her slave is cleaning the apartment. She puts her things down and doesn’t say a word but the slave immediately runs over to her and begins greeting her with a few kisses on her red boots. He looks up to see if she is pleased. Lora smiles back down at him and tells him to get up. Although she is in a good mood and there is no real reason, she throws the slave against the wall and begins to beat him with hard punches, backhands, knees and kicks;
Lora just enjoys hurting men. She doesn’t say too much during the beating but you can tell she really enjoys it with her sadistic smiles and giggles. She does play with her pet and encourages him to get back up, telling him he is such a strong slave and sexually teases him. After she is satisfied with the beating, she makes the slave thank her by kissing her boots again. As she leaves the room, she tells the slave to continue cleaning which he does so happily.

Scene Two (12-14min)

Lora’s husband comes home and she is sitting on the couch playing with her phone and holding the leash of her chained slave while he kisses and massages her boots. Her husband gets to his knees and looks to Lora awaiting instruction; she glances at her other boot and the husband joins the slave in kissing her boots. A few seconds later, she pats the couch and her husband quickly joins the seat next to her.
“How was your day?” She asks. The husband starts complaining about his mean boss while Lora caresses his face and body. “I’m sorry, do you want me to make you feel better?” she asks. “Yes, Goddess” he says and Lora climbs on top of him. She taps her neck with her polished nail and says “Kiss.” The husband immediately obeys and places a few kisses. (The camera gets some nice close ups of Lora smiling seductively) She begins to grind on his lap and her husband starts to get turned on with his sexy wife as he rubs his hands up and down her legs.
Lora yanks on the chain. “Did I tell you to stop!” She screams as she looks back at the slave who had stopped kissing her boots momentarily to look at the couple. “I’m sorry, Goddess.” The
slave says nervously and begins kissing her boots again. “You will be.” Lora says. Knowing that her husband gets turned on when Lora abuses the slave, she asks him “Do you want to watch me
hurt this little bitch?” and yanks on the chain again. The husband just nods with desire. Lora gets off her husband and walks toward the center of the room and the slave obediently crawls after
her. She pulls him to his knees and tells him to hold the other end of his leash in his mouth. She raises his chin with one finger, “If you drop this, I’m going to really hurt you. Understand?” The
slave bites down hard on the leash and nods with fear. Lora immediately knees him hard in the chest and proceeds to beat the slave relentlessly with a series of strong head and body kicks along with punches, backhands, elbows and knees. The slave eventually drops the leash and looks with terror at Lora. She smiles, walking towards him “Oops.” She removes the leash
completely and begins kicking the slave even harder. Towards the end of the beating, Lora is on top of the slave, choking him with both hands while she stares in his eyes. “You don’t stop
kissing my boots until I say. And don’t ever drop my leash again. Do you understand me?” She removes the choke and punches the slave a couple times in the face. Her hands return to his neck
and the slave gets quieter as he eventually passes out.
“Come over here.” Lora says to her husband while still sitting on top off her unconscious slave. The husband quickly crawls towards her. “Did you enjoy that?” she asks grabbing his hair. With
a firm grip, she stands up and looks down at him. “I still want to play. Beg me to hurt you.” Lora says, smiling and pulling his head back. The husband begs for his punishment. Lora begins to
beat her husband for a couple of minutes – she is a little more playful this time (at some point the slave wakes up and moves out of the way and tries to recover from his beating). She finishes by
sitting on her husband’s face in a reverse position. “Do you like the view?” Lora asks slowly.
When she doesn’t hear an answer immediately, she punches her husband hard in the stomach. “I asked you a question?” She says. “Yes, yes, yes Goddess.” The husband screams. “Keep that
mouth closed you little slut.” Lora says as she begins to grind on his face. After about thirty seconds, Lora punches him again even harder. His screams are shortened this time as Lora shuts
him up with a brutal scissor hold until he passes out. The scene ends with Lora proudly sitting on her unconscious husband’s face and her pet watching in fear.

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  1. tws

    What Goddess Lora does best, dominant beatdowns in sexy clothes and boots. She is in control in every way. Wow!!!

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