Lora’s New Slave. Part 2

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Scene Three (6-8 min)

The next day, Lora is patiently waiting in the office of her husband’s boss. When the boss enters, he sees Lora, “Uhh, hello, who are you?” He asks dismissively and continues walking to his
desk. Lora smiles, “I’m your new boss.” The man laughs as if it’s a joke. The man stops and looks at Lora. “You look like you have a nice ass so I guess I’ll listen. But let’s make it quick because I have things to do.” Lora gets up and walks towards the man. She plays with his tie, caresses his muscular chest and looks up at him seductively. The man smiles, thinking he is going to have some fun. “Get on your knees or I will put you there.” Lora says looking deeply in his eyes. The man laughs again “Look lady, I don’t have a lot of time…” Lora slaps him hard across the face. Shocked, he says angrily “You’re going to pay for that you little bitch.” She backhands him even harder and proceeds to beat the man senseless even though he attempts to defend himself. Lora drags and throws him all over the office, using strong head kicks, punches and backhands. Towards the end of the beating, Lora has him pinned against wall and is kneeing him the stomach continuously until he finally falls to the ground, holding his stomach. She giggles, kicks him hard in the body and places her foot on his back as the screen goes black.
When we return, Lora is casually leaning against the desk, texting on her phone and the man is on his knees kissing Lora’s boots. “I want you at my apartment at 8:00 tonight. You will prepare
my dinner, give me access to your bank accounts and we will continue your training. I might even let you make my bath and massage my feet. Understood?” “Yes, Goddess Lora.” The man
pleads as he continues to kiss her boots. “Who owns you?” she asks. “Goddess Lora owns me.”
The man quickly responds. She puts her phone down and looks down at him. “And you will do anything for your Goddess, right?” Lora says. “Yes, Goddess.” The man continues to kiss her
boots. She lets him worship her for a few more seconds before she kicks him away “Get off me.” She leaves the office and heads home as the man, in complete shock, watches her walk away.

Scene Four (12-14 min)

The scene opens with Lora in her black unitard punching the boss from a mounted position. She drags him to his feet and viciously beats him with an array of kicks, punches, knees and anything else she wants – he has zero defense and he just accepts it. The man continues to fall and Lora gets angrier; she is a little more vocal during this beating. Towards the end, she has him pinned against the wall with her boot on his neck. As the boss struggles to breath, Lora’s husband enters and is shocked to see his boss in his home.
Lora smiles at her husband and motions him to come closer. “I have a present for you” she says to her husband. The man has one hand on her boot but Lora is too strong; she just presses her boot even harder on the man’s neck as he looks to the husband almost pleading for help. “Do you recognize him?” she asks the man. He struggles to say yes.
“Did you treat him badly at work?” Again, he struggles to say yes. Lora tells her husband to go wait on the couch. “He is my property and I don’t like it when my property is treated badly. Do
you understand?” Lora says looking angrily at the man. He nods and Lora finally releases him. She continues to beat him until he falls to the ground for the last time, completely exhausted.
Lora kicks him onto his back and begins to choke him with her knee. As she looks down at him, she says “Open your eyes.” She pushes down harder when he doesn’t respond quick enough.
“Now, slave.” The man panics and struggles until he finally passes out looking up into the eyes of his new Goddess.
She gets up and straddles her husband on the couch. He stares into her eyes, drunk with lust, “I don’t think he is going to be a problem anymore.” She says looking back at the man lying on the
ground. Lora moves her knee towards the husband’s crouch and begins to apply pressure. “The only person that gets to abuse my slaves are me.” One gloved hand goes on his throat and the
other covers his face, pushing his head back . “Isn’t that right?” she says. Her husband groans as Lora presses her knee into his balls even harder and her grip around his throat gets tighter. The
boss wakes up on the floor and Lora turns to look at him but doesn’t give him any attention as she returns to her husband. Without a word, the man immediately crawls to his Goddess and
begins to thank her for his beating with a few kisses on Lora’s boots. She ignores the man and continues to torment her husband – the husband loves it as he begins to caress her body and legs.
She turns back to look at the man who still is kissing her boots, “That’s a good bitch” she says smiling. Lora turns back to her husband and with a sadistic look in her eyes, she increases the
pressure one more time but finally removes her knee. “Let’s continue this in the bedroom.” she says as she pulls her husband off the couch by his hair. Lora kicks the man again just for fun.

The scene ends with Lora walking out of the room dragging her husband by the hair and the new slave crawling after her.

Lora’s New Slave. Part 1

2 reviews for Lora’s New Slave. Part 2

  1. tws

    Lovely Goddess Lora in great outfits giving super one to one beatdowns, with plenty of kicks, knees, slaps and punches. Lora is amazing.

  2. samualsknight

    Lora demonstrates that the road to having the privilege of being her slave is paved with kicks, slaps and humiliating beatdowns. After 10 minutes of all that, you too will be crawling and begging for more!

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