Lora’s reputation is ruined

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Lora is a professional assasin. She comes to carry out a new order.

2 reviews for Lora’s reputation is ruined

  1. tbc

    Lora moves and looks great in catsuit, gloves and thigh-high boots. The ferocious beating that she gives her opponent in the beginning of the film, especially the kicks to the face, are both lethal and sexy. Great work Lady2Fight team!

  2. Williams

    Love Lora’s outfit and that she is formidably lethal as a hitgirl. Totes a gun but it’s way more fun for her to kill through prolonged yet sexy violence using her body and bare hands. It could be though that here she may have underestimated the hardness of her male victim. Plenty more in this vein please, keeping in vicious 2-way kicks and punches throughout. This is a great mixed fight, well staged.

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