Lora’s trophy

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Fight starts equally with both girls mainly slapping and backhanding each other across the face. As time progresses, the sequences of slaps and backhands each girl throws gets longer as they throw more slaps at each other, up to 6 in a sequence. Finally Lora knock Luna out, takes her skirt off and walks away with it as a trophy.

Lora’s trophy. Part 2

2 reviews for Lora’s trophy

  1. SHBeater

    Perfect! The fight ebbs and flows and is excellently played out by the participants.

  2. SHBeater

    Past fights I’ve watched from other producers often feature participants who give no vocal response to the blows they receive and look as if they are just going through the motions. That’s why it’s so wonderful to find this site. These 2 girls give it everything and you can actually believe they are really beating each other up. The expressions on their faces says it all.

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