Lora’s weakest spots

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3 reviews for Lora’s weakest spots

  1. Mike K.

    A very well done movie, especially if you are a fan of beatdowns and/or low blows. Lora gets in some good offense at the start and has some fleeting moments during the action and she looks amazing in her tight jeans. She spends the vast majority of the movie, however, getting her ass kicked. She takes dozens of blows to the face, breasts, stomach and, especially, crotch and she sells the punishment perfectly. She sobs and pleads with her two assailants to stop, but they just continue beating on her for virtually the entire movie. Looking for more like this from Lora. Great job, everyone.

  2. Greaves

    I would have bought this were it not for the price which is much to high especially as there is no information about how long it is. I’ve given it 4 stars based on the trailer.

  3. Thomas

    This is a must have if you’re looking for brutal beat downs and cuntbusting (low blows). Lora does an incredible job selling the fear and pain and the thugs put in many attacks that are too good to be fake.
    Unfortunately, the obviously faked face punching kills the atmosphere.
    A personal wish is giving Lora longer reaction scenes of being in pain or struggling to get back on her feet, but that is just me.
    Lora is incredibly hot and the outfits suit her athletic body. It’s just a shame that high-waist jeans are en vogue – men don’t like these 😉
    In case you’re wondering – the video is 33min which makes the price very reasonable.
    Good job and I’m looking forward to Volume 2

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