Louise chokes enemies with her feet

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Louise is a sexy spy/assassin who is infiltrating an enemy organization to steal information from their safe. She tries to pose as a prostitute. Louise is dominating the whole time dodging or blocking the guy’s hits while landing hers. The guys should be trying their hardest to fight back and can sometimes block her hits. They start off energetic and become more tired as they are beaten.

1 review for Louise chokes enemies with her feet

  1. miko

    İ bought the video just for Louise.She is incredible pretty and sexy ofcourse she is very skilled in fighting. She has used her feet very well to beat up these muscled men during the video. Any men has no chance against her dangerous and sexy feet.İts good that she force the men to suck her feet.İ like new fighting queen LOUISE and i want much more fighting and dominating videos about her. I believe that she is able to beat up any men and force them to kiss and suck her feet after this video.You should buy this video if you like pretty fighting mistresses. Thank you.

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