Low blow fight Lora vs Sonya

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Sonya is a military assassin sent to take out mob boss Lora. She goes to Lora’s lair to take her out, but Lora is ready to fight.

4 reviews for Low blow fight Lora vs Sonya

  1. Anonymous

    This was my custom and it was executed perfectly! Both Lora and Sonya looked great and did awesome jobs with their reactions. I also LOVED the fight choreography and camera angles!

    If you love low blow fights, this is definitely the video to buy 🙂

  2. zsoltikapek

    One of the best CB videos I’ve seen this year! These girls are really talented and the camera work is excellent. I really liked the close-ups and the longer reaction shots. The way how those kicks are being delivered should be considered an industry standard. 🙂

  3. Chris

    Lora and Sonya look great and really delivered on the low blows! Amazing camera work and creativity. Way to go on this one Lady2Fight!


    This is by far my favorite video here!
    The more low blows, the better! Each lady gave a great performance both giving and taking the punishment. The low blow techniques were great, the camera angles, and the close-ups were perfect. Would love to see more outfits like Sonya’s.

    Please, more low blow videos like this!

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