Low blow hardcore

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4 reviews for Low blow hardcore

  1. Carlos

    I bought this video believing it was going to be an all fistfight one sided beating on Lora by Luna, something i have been eager to see since Luna was hired. The trailer made me think it was one such video. Instead it’s a sort of torture video where Lora gets terrorized and kicked in the “netherlands” a lot. Lora doesn’t act like a badass fighter but as a scared crying girl all the time. This was not what i had hoped for. My 3 star review goes for the usual quality of the acting by the two girls and the filming and editing. Otherwise, i see it this video as an wasted opportunity.

    • admin

      We are very sorry that your expectations were not met.
      However, the title, photo and trailer for the video are fully consistent with its content.

  2. Derek

    Low blows on Lara are the best videos. But please next time put less laying down beat ups. Lara was knocked out for like 8 minutes. It would’ve been so much better if the two girls were fighting to the last breath with many low blows and dirty tricks.

  3. Carlos

    Dear Admin: You are right, of course. I should had payed more attention, but i have been pretty unaware of this type of videos, the fixation on low as hits to the “netherlands”. i though low blows meant a dishonest fight , where Luna won by playing dirty on Lora. I shall be more attentive in the future.
    Hits to the low areas and belly punching are the type of viseos i have no interest at all, i could had never imagined people would like that kind of thing. Now i know.

  4. JNunuez

    Love this please do more F vs F fights with low blows weakening the opponent and finishing them off! Pretty obvious to me what this video was from the pics and trailer great job ladies!

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