Luna. Bloody fist

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Custom clip request.

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Both girs are prepearing for an important fight. Both believe themselves to be the best fighter and are very confident.
They are also absolutly determined to destroy each other, as they are long time enemies.

3 reviews for Luna. Bloody fist

  1. Carlos

    Hello. This video is my ordered custom. I have a passion for pure fem fight videos, wit little to no fetish elements and no wrestling, just pure brawl, that’s the way i like it.
    Lora and her team delivered on my request with great aplomp. This is a pure non-stop brawl between the the two beauties Luna and Lora in a post-industrial ruins of an abandoned building, by my request. I always loved this location and hope one day to ask for another custom set in this location.
    Another great job by Team Lora.
    I hope you all enjoys this video as much as i do
    Thank you.

  2. Elijah


  3. Williams

    Lora and Luna excell at everything they do. I removed one star because a) the action outcome became predictable too early in my opinion and b) the missed opportunity to see any belly punching into those beautiful midriffs. It was certainly well done and I’m not averse to beatdowns now and then – this is recommended for fans of the genre. I bought this to see both stars and hoping to get more to and fro action. I’d like to see a similar premise with the other elements mentioned.

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