Luna Crushed

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Product length: 11 minutes

It starts with Max gives Luna a quick & strong head to her forehead & Luna become lifeless her arms dangling & dizzy after that he gives Luna belly knee & quick left & right hooks then one super strong uppercut that put Luna on here both knees UNCONSCIOUS & before Luna goes down to the ground , he immediately grab her hair & lift her up & give her a STRONG bearhug for one minutes. After the first 30 seconds she woke up LIFELESSLY because of the hard squeeze & pain. After that he gives Luna 3 STRONG Head attacks into her forehead to put Luna out & then continues the squeeze for the other 30 seconds. After the one minute finished, he puts Luna on his shoulder and runs with her while she’s out & CRUSHES her into the corner. Max tries to wake Luna up by splashing water on her. Luna woke up LIFELESSLY, but not the way Max want. Max grabbed her hair because she can’t stand up so he started to give Luna a quick (JABS , HOKS, KNEE ATTACKS & UPPERCUT).
Max became very angry & gave Luna some wrestling movies for two minutes.


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