Luna destroys Lora’s groin

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Luna is an evil spy who catches Lora off guard. Luna kicks Lora in the crotch many times. Luna knocks Lora out with a kick to the face and stands over her. Lora wakes up and kicks Luna in the crotch. Luna falls to her knees on top of Lora. Lora grabs Luna’s hips and knees her in the crotch. Luna pulls back to try and punch Lora, but Lora punches Luna across the face first, knocking Luna out. Luna falls forward on top of Lora; Lora rolls Luna off. Lora then picks Luna up and destroys her groin with multiple kicks and knees. Luna then stands up for one final time. Lora punches Lora in the face, spinning her around, causing her to spin around 360, but she stays standing. Lora punches her again, spinning Luna the other way. Luna drops to her knees, and Lora kicks her in the crotch. Spit and drool (a lot of it) spill out of Luna’s mouth. Luna falls face first forward, defeated. Lora picks up Luna’s face by her hair, and rubs it all into her own spit on the ground. In the second scene, Lora is in a school girl outfit with a skirt. Luna should still be in the black leggings and sports bra. Multiple scenes where Luna is bullying Lora, and Lora turns the tables on Luna by kicking or kneeing her in the crotch.



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