Luna Goes Psycho

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Product length: 32 minutes

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We find Luna in the ring, yelling and screaming, extremely upset for some reason, we didn’t get to see what got her so furious. During her rage fit she screams that whoever enters the room next is going to be beaten to within an inch of their life. Next, the clueless, sexy schoolgirl, Lora, walks in, with headphones on and staring into her phone. By the time Lora notices Luna, Luna is out of the ring and running straight for her. What follows is a brutal and bloody one-sided beatdown where Luna takes all her anger out on the unprepared Lora and keeps her word, beating her to within an inch or her life. By time Luna is done, Lora and the ring area is covered in blood. Lora is unresponsive and left twitching in the ring.


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