Luna is hypnotized

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Luna is hypnotized and is placed under Lora’s spell when she claps her hands a certain way. She immediately falls head over heels in love with Lora and she lets her do to her whatever she pleases. What Lora wants to do is push in her belly throughout the ring, in different positions and in different ways. Since Luna is so infatuated with Lora from being hypnotized, every touch of her fist to her belly is like continuous foreplay. The continuous single, and alternating deep fist belly pushing gives Luna incredible sexual satisfaction and pleasure. Luna does all she can to allow your fists to go deep by pulling in her belly and driving her hips and pelvis forward with each push.

1 review for Luna is hypnotized

  1. mbrand

    Once yet again, words cannot describe how pleased I am with Lora, Luna, and all those at Lady2fight. You give them the ideas and the details of what you would like to see them perform , and they do their very best to achieve ones imagination. I adore them all so much!

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