Luna is the queen of the jungle

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Sexy little Sonya wants to conquer the jungle territory of the strong and sexy Luna. The two enemies begin to quarrel and fight. But Sonya is weak in front of Luna’s muscles and so Luna proves that she is stronger and turns Sonya into a rag doll. Luna lifts Sonya in various ways, in particular cradle and shoulder. Sonya begs to be put down, but Luna enjoys her domination. After several lifts, Luna stuns Sonya, picks her up and carries her away! Luna is the queen of the jungle!

2 reviews for Luna is the queen of the jungle

  1. Cindy Taine

    Absolutely loving the lifts and carries in this video

  2. Katie Julos

    it is so great to see a video with lifts and carries in it, love to see more like this

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