Luna vs Julia on the boxing ring

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A boxing fight in 3 rounds, each round is 4 minutes long. The fight is a total one sided fight, Luna dishes out all the punches on Julia. Julia never once throws a punch, she only gets punched and never has the opportunity to hit back. Despite Julia never throwing a single punch in this fight she rarely lowers her fists, she spends the vast majority of the fight with her dukes up. Most punches are left and right hooks but also many jabs and a good amount of uppercuts as well. In all rounds Julia gets pinned against the ropes for a while and is punched non-stop by Luna. Despite Julia being demolished in this fight, she never once cries or looks like she is affraid or giving up. She stays to the very end, she goes the whole distance never giving up, until the final knockout punch.

1 review for Luna vs Julia on the boxing ring

  1. Carlos

    Hello. This is my custom and i am very, very happy with the results. I think the results are brilliant. It’s a non-stop boxing fight between Luna and Julia and punches are thrown a-plenty.
    All those of you who enjoy an actual Fem Fight that does actually feature two females figbhting i hope you enjoy this video. I ordered this custom to watch the type of Fem Fights that made me love the genre.
    A big thank you to the two girls Luna and Julia and everybody at Lora’s LadyFight for delivering a top product. Thank you and please enjoy.

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