Luna’s beauty makes her suffer

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Custom clip request.

Product length: 20 minutes

Lora hates pretty women with beautiful curves. She tortures and kills them. This time Luna gets into her trap.

belly punches
whip torture
Bat torture

5 reviews for Luna’s beauty makes her suffer

  1. mav6666_1

    Luna looks amazing in her skimpy outfit and her athletic body does an amazing job reacting to all the tortures (punches, kicks, bats, batons, tasers, whip, etc) that Lora the evil torturer dishes out, all while bound AOH. Great toned muscles and great action!

  2. bj

    I saw this and had to buy it. Any time Luna gets destroyed is wonderful, and the use of the stomach bug at the end is a lot of fun. Great video.

  3. jesuispain

    Heya, this is my custom, I bascially have to thank absstar because I pretty much asked for the same video, just on a lower budget as far as amount of people. It came out GREAT, and as much as I love seeing Lora take it, I was just as in love with seeing Luna get the AOH treatment as well.

  4. ssmith2010

    One of the best videos I’ve ever seen, a hall of fame video!

  5. Shawkat Ibrahim Alexander Cage

    Amazing Dominator Great

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