Master Lora failed

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Luna shows up at Lora’s martial arts studio. She’s been watching Lora teach and practice for a few days, and she’s decided that martial arts are nonsense, and she challenges Lora to a fight. Lora dominates the first half of the fight, until Luna turns the tables with a nasty move, after which point Luna dominates.


2 reviews for Master Lora failed

  1. AgentSmith

    This was my custom, as well as my first custom video, and I have to say, they really did a great job interpreting my wishes from my script. This was basically a mixture of various move BB scenes that I wanted to see with female actors, as well as a scene from an adult cartoon fight. The basic premise (karate vs street fighter) is from a memory I have from when I was a kid, and was an actual argument between two girls I knew.

    Lora and Luna did a fantastic job turning my script (and memory) into reality – and with a dark twist, and I couldn’t be happier.


    This video was highly recommended by other fans of female low blows. I usually prefer a lot more low blows, but the ones in this video were done so well, especially the 2 on Luna, I got my money’s worth.
    The ladies looked great and did an amazing job selling each hit. My only gripe would be I wish Luna had taken a few more low blows.

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