Meghan vs Lora underground title fight

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Meghan destroyed the best mma fighter. She is unbeatable. 1 year later Meghan meets Lora in underground fight with no rules.

3 reviews for Meghan vs Lora underground title fight

  1. JackOneill

    The worst video I have seen on this page. I was looking forward for Lora gets beaten & then year later Meghan gets beaten. In reality you start few seconds before Lora is finished, showing nothing. Then cut and the only thing you’ll see is total beatdown of Meghan, well not really, just some kind of wanna be torture fight.

    Do not buy this video, it is an absolute waste of money.

  2. Yang

    A good one in my point of view, including the scenes where both the girls played as the one who won and the one who got finished off. The scripts with the loser’s body laid out at the backstage and got covered up makes some of my best scenes (especially the sole view as my favorite one personally). Hope there would be more clips of the ‘underground title fight’ series.

  3. Donnyboy

    Great video. I love Megan as Jobber. I want to see her more often in this role. Wonderful emotions. I love her eyebrows)

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